Jasmine Looks Forward for Easter and Her Brother’s Birthday

On March 25, 2013, Jasmine came into the hospital for aggressive chemo. After all the blood tests, they found out that her immune system was weak from weekly chemo treatments. Her white and red blood cells were low, so the doctors worried about her future chemo treatments. Since Jazzy’s last admission to the hospital, she lost five pounds. In total, she lost 33 pounds. The doctors told us that her lack of appetite will deeply affect her process of healing from chemo. They wanted her to heal before the next treatment, but she ended up passing the test by 10 units.

Since it is a struggle for Jasmine to eat, her doctors have prescribed her medication to stimulate her appetite. They recommended going on TPN through her IV. TPN stands for total prenatal nutrition.┬áJasmine was first scared about having a needle inside her chest. But the doctors persuaded her to take the treatment. The doctor wanted to record Jasmine’s IV levels for three days, but Jasmine wanted to go home for the weekend since it was Easter and her brother’s birthday. The doctor allowed her to leave, but under two conditions: she had to drink 1.7 Liters of water every day and she had to eat at home. During the weekend, she was well-fed and hydrated.

We ended up celebrating Easter and her brother’s birthday at home. It was a great weekend; Jasmine is always positive and happy whenever she is with her family. She was tired throughout the weekend, but she was still energetic and carefree. We came back to the hospital on April 1, 2013. She got her weekly chemo on Monday and started her TPN on Tuesday so that Jasmine can meet her daily caloric needs. At the moment, she is under the IV for TPN treatment. With the help of her dietician and TPN, Jazzy’s health has improved. If Jazzy improves her health, she will be able to go home on Saturday. She has been in the hospital for eleven days for the past two weeks.

Usually, chemo patients who have undergone weight loss are under IV treatment for 24 hours. Jazzy promised the doctor that she would eat 600-700 calories during the day time. At night, the TPN will help her caloric intake by 1,000 calories. With this method, Jazzy will be able to live her daily life freely. She can run, play, and enjoy regular activities. I know that Jazzy has a long journey ahead of her, but she keeps staying positive and happy.



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10 thoughts on “Jasmine Looks Forward for Easter and Her Brother’s Birthday

  1. Jasmin You Are Amazing!!! I hope you can eat all your favorite foods and put some of that weight back on!!! Glad to hear you enjoyed Jacobs birthday and the first Easter. We Orthodox are lucky we get 2 Easters nexrt one is coming up on May 5th!! Hope I get to see you again soon!! God Bless You,

  2. Jasmine, I am happy that you got to celebrate Easter and Jacobs birthday . at home with your family. I know this TPN will make a positive difference in how you feel. Its great to hear your feeling even a tiny bit better. We pray the Lord will continue to Bless You and Your Family. We have faith we will continue to hear positive news about you little one. You take care!
    Love you , Becky and Sal

  3. Blessings Faulk family we are so blessed that the doctor’s have been taking such good care of Jasmine. We pray for you all continually and we love you all so very much. Ps, happy belated birthday Jacob – AWANA misses both of you.
    Love you all, the Luces’s

  4. Hi Jasmine, I think of you often. You courage is very inspiring. I pray for you everyday…and my new motto is live, laugh, love…thanks for teaching me whats important in life. Go Jazzy!!!

    Mary Massis

  5. God bless you, Jasmine. We love you and keep you in our prayers daily. You really are inspiring. the Unkie family.

  6. Always in our prayers I’m glad u had a good Easter and enjoyed ur brothers birthday hope u gain u wight back soon and be able to do all the things u love
    Live love and be strong

  7. Hey Jasmine!!! I’m always thinking of you! and hoping all is well! you are such a strong and courageous girl! always keep strong <3 I love & miss you & the rest of the family!! God bless you. You are always in my prayers! Take care! Love, Reem <3

  8. Jasmine you are always in our prayers and thoughts. May God continue to fill you and your family with love. Xo xo. Rosie, Ramiro and Briana.

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