Update for the past three weeks with Jazzy Wazzy

 As we all know, Jasmine left the hospital 0n APRIL 6TH-13 and had to be on TPN at home for 12 hours every day until she reaches her weight . The home nurse came twice a day, at night to start the TPN and in the morning to turn it off. Jasmine was observing and learning how to give TPN at home by herself . Soon, Jasmine was doing this herself! And she loves being her own nurse because she can do it on her own schedule. She tells me “Mom, don’t worry. You can go sleep. I’ll hook it up by myself.” Within these three weeks, she has had 1 blood transfusion. Jasmine had the opportunity to attend the “In Honor of Jasmine Faulk” fundraiser where she had the chance to shave her friends’ heads to support St. Baldrick’s Foundation for cancer research and also spend time with friends and family. After that, Jasmine had a low ANC level (which means her immune system is weak) which delayed her chemotherapy administration for 2 weeks because the chemo will weaken her immune system even more. We tried to keep her busy so she wouldn’t get bored, and Jazzy enjoyed her time at home . Since she wasn’t able to leave the house, we were able to gather at home with family and a small group of friends. Recently Jasmine got an infection in her left toe. She had to start taking antibiotics and thank God, the infection healed in two days. Jasmine’s ANC started to go up on Friday, so on Saturday, Jasmine and I went to my freind in Palos Verdes and cut our own palm branches to braid and arrange with some beautiful flowers for the Orthodox Palm Sunday service . Jasmine looked beautiful in her summery dress, and the family had a great time at the service and at dinner afterward. By  Monday, her ANC was 2600 (very good) so she was able to be admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy. Because it took a long time for her to recover after the last chemotherapy, the doctors decided to lower her doses of chemo by 20 percent so that her body can recover faster. As she gets further along in her treatment, this is expected to happen. Jasmine was happy to see her nurses and friends at the hospital and to resume her part-time job as the unit secretary :) She has learned to answer the phone and say “Pediatrics, this is Jasmine. How can I help you?” This is her 25th chemotherapy treatment and hopefully, we’ll be home soonIMG_0566




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4 thoughts on “Update for the past three weeks with Jazzy Wazzy

  1. Jasmine your easter outfit looks beautiful. I wish you would teach me how to braid the palms when you have time. God Bless you and hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

  2. Praying you can go home soon. It’s really cool how you like to learn new things, Jasmine!! Always thinking of you and your family and claiming a total healing for you, sweetie!!

  3. Your journey on healing is so amazing. Such courage and strength. Thank you Jesus!!! I wanted to share this amazing Prayer for healing and wholeness

    Lord Jesus, I thank you that you love me and that you are both able and willing to heal me. At the cross, you took all my sickness and pains in your own body, and by your stripes, I am healed! Your body was scourged and broken so that mine can be made whole. I receive all that you have done for me and I rest on your finished work. There is nothing more for me to do. As I wait on you for the complete manifestation of my healing, I choose to focus on and give praise for your great love for me. Amen!!

  4. Hi Jasmine! I just read your blog from the beginning. You have had quite the journey, but you are SO STRONG! And your faith is so beautiful. I hope that you soon get the news you have been praying for. It’ll be great when everyone that has been praying for you around the world can all join in celebrating your HEALED body! Kayla (your friend from Lomita Magnet), Alexis (her big sister that was in the same classes as your brother) and I will continue to pray for you and send you healing thoughts until the day you post “I’m CURED!”

    So sorry that we lost contact with you but we are on TEAM JASMINE and we love you sweetie! <3 Anna, Lexi and Kayla Perez

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