Hello from jazzy wazzy!!!!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is well!

I know it’s been a while since my last update. From the last update, Jasmine has been exerting a lot of positive energy. Her appetite has increased, she has gained a couple of pounds, looks healthy, and is full of energy. She has been busy supporting her brother Jacob as he has been busy with school. She has also been diligent studying and completing all her homework and school assignments.  As you all know, Jasmine is finishing 5th grade next week! She is very excited and wants to feel her energetic and at her best to celebrate her graduation next week!

Jasmine came into the hospital today. She was excited to come in because she knew she had to get some scans done. This week is also week 30 of chemo and she has come 2/3 of the way to finishing her treatment! Tonight, around 8:30 PM she received a CT scan. She did very well and it went by very fast. She also received her aggressive chemotherapy tonight and she tolerated it very well. She was pre-medicated well so her nausea is managed. She is currently hydrating post-chemo and sleeping. We are looking forward to tomorrow to get her second set of scans, specifically MRI. We ask that you all continue to keep Jasmine in your prayers, hoping for good news. :) by the end of this week.

Jasmine’s graduation is on June 19th and her brother Jacob’s graduation for middle school is on June 20th. Next week will be a busy yet happy week because we are all ready for summer vacation! We want to relax in the sun and meeting friends and family, and being as one as a family



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8 thoughts on “Hello from jazzy wazzy!!!!

  1. Jasmine we are so happy for you! I pray you continue to feel stronger everyday. You are a part of my prayers every night and every morning. I know you will hear good news about your tests. Take care sweetie. Love Becky and Sal

  2. Thank you god that she’s getting better hopefully all scan and MRI test results come positive …her positive energy and great parents is what’s helping her overcome all this ,congrats on her graduation hope she have a wonderfully time
    And also hope u guys have a great symm

  3. Jasmine- you are truly an inspiration! Congratulations to both you and Jacob! Hope to see you both again soon ~

  4. Oh that’s that’s so exciting Jasmine and Jacob both graduating!!! Thank you for sharing your positive energy!

  5. Blessings Faulk family and our love. I am so thankful that God is taking care of you all and I know that He is always there for you. We love you all and are praying for you – Derek & Stephanie Luce

  6. I just read the update! So excited to hear such wonderful news! Praise you Heavenly Father !! We will continue praying for you sweetheart. May our Lord continue healing you completely . Love , Dawn & Steve

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