GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!

When our 10 year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer last year, our world was turned up side down, and we could not grasp the idea of telling her the reality of her diagnosis.

Our lives went from normal school days to extended hospital stays, twice a week clinical visits, and chemo and radiation sessions, etc, which caused all of us extreme exhaustion both on a mental and physical level, and haunting us was the looming unspoken worry : will our princess get though this?

To say that we went through a hard time is the least i could say. however, the ongoing support, and unconditional love and prayer from our friends and family went a long way in making things easier. Most of all, a HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR LORD  GOD for this blessing that he gave us, and for continuously standing by Jasmine’s side, giving her faith and hope, that kept her fighting until she SUCCEEDED.

As of today Jazzy Wazzy is cancer free, and until now I am speechless, as to how happy and grateful I am.

Yet, I continue to send my prayers and hopes to all the kids I meet who are fighting cancer. May their faith in GOD not weaken; GOD willing they will become cancer free, to see  the day GOD has blessed me with.

Jazzy Habebti, we know you went through a lot (the monster is gone) and we still have to go though a path of recovery. Our hope for you Jazzy is that you continue with the strength and will and faith in GOD that you showed us this past year so you can get your life of school,basketball,swimming,etc.back!! We know you will because with GOD all things are possible!!





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11 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!

  1. God is great that’s the best thing I can say …thank god and hope for a very very fast recovery the hard is gone that’s what counts

  2. Dear Jasmine,
    This is the day The Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Praise the Lord and let the angels rejoice. Thank you Jesus!! My heart over flows with joy as my eyes over flow with tears of joy. I am so happy for you and your family! May you continue to gain strength and return to school and be with all the other children with Joy in your heart for all to see. This is my new prayer for you . Love, The Kalmikov’s

  3. She kept the faith and believed in God. He heard our prayers AMEN!! love you guys, I’m so happy to hear this great news :)))
    The Diab Family
    Ray, Elizabeth, Vanessa , Lisa, and Alexi

  4. Para los que amamos a Dios nada es imposible.. por que el siempre esta a nuestro lado y en los momentos de prueba el no levanta para hacernos mas fácil la dificultad. Felicitaciones Jazz

  5. Great news! Our prayers are answered!! Jasmine is such an inspiration on so many levels. Her steadfast faith and love in our Lord Jesus are exemplary.

  6. Jasmine you truly are a miracle – congrats to you and the entire Faulk family – may God continue to bless you all.

    Much love – Vela Family (Liza, Robert, Robbie & Roxy)

  7. Jasmine, you are a true angel and a inspiration to all of us. We are so proud of you. God is great and loves you.
    Xoxo. Rosie,Ramiro and Bri.

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